Installation, Sacred / Mythological, Video installation, 400x300cm
The Rusalki in the Russian tradition are women who are killed or kill themselves for love, and after death become entities inhabitants of waters of rivers and lakes. Their appearance is human, almost vestal, albeit perennially acquatico.Questa figure it calls another, much better known to the Mediterranean tradition, that the siren, feathered or water, or virgin bicaudata, according to readings from the Homeric or medieval alchemists to be so if draws from the iconography. the work thus becomes a meeting point of human value with the value of Rusalki awful, mesmerizing ipernaturale ORIGINAL MINIATURES sirene.Le of which they were derived from the constituent elements of this new figure, were also chosen for their symbolic value. The head is a miniature depicting the first woman Eve, and the shape of the body from a miniature of a pair of angels are the colors of the body plumage of a peacock of a manuscript of the eighth century. A matryoshka is sublimation in semantic false movement, optical illusion through which this Rusalka rotates continuously, stopping occasionally appears, causing a shipwreck and sensitive cognitive balance.

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Olga  Anacka
6 years ago
Olga Anacka Artist

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