Video, Political / Social, Short film, 13:32
In a musical montage silence, voices and noises of the various steps of the site-specific installation CONDANNATO/CONDEMNED and the performance LIBERO/FREE, melt together – made for the exhibition La Sentenza_Das Urteil in Munich in 2010

The quiet creation of the space, CONDANNATO, a long narrow corridor where the condemnation of the Camorra against Saviano is shown through a PRISON CALENDAR
The notches on the wall,21 meter long, counting from 13/10/2006 when Saviano started his escorted life,describe the situation of those who now lives in Italy 'sentenced to death' by 'mafia'

The sound “HERE YOU ARE THE ONLY ONE TO BE SENTENCED TO LIFE, IN FREEDOM” a phrase said to Saviano while he was leaving the courtroom, where the Spartacus judgment had been read

The notches I made every day until the end of the exhibition,in a month and a half stay in Munich

The LIBERO performance where I invited those present to whiten the notches on the long corridor with a brush of white paint saying,like Saviano on 23/09/2006 in Casal di Principe, Chase them away!

CONDANNATO>LIBERO is a sign of hope for a future when people,who are now threatened with death by illegal powers,will be free again

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