Lettere dal Ministero della Verità

Installation, Political / Social, Symbol / Letter, Minimal, Video installation, 200x100x100cm
"Letters from the Ministry of Truth" is an interactive video installation in which public’s participation, the central element of the work, causes a feeling of pessimism and impotency.
On a library table stand some old and antique books. When the viewer approaches the table, ready to open a book to browse, the text erases gradually.
The visitor is able to approach, to touch the books, he also manages to read a few lines but after a few seconds begins the process of cancellation, a relentless act of theft that takes place under the eyes of all. The books are there, are tangible, but they have become unusable; while the viewer, even if participating, is a mere passive spectator of events.
Each time that the viewer turns a new page, the text comes back to its readability, but only for a few seconds, until it disappears again.
In this work, auroraMeccanica cites the Ministry where Winston Smith, the main character of Orwell's novel "1984", works; auroraMeccanica refers to the current forms of cuts and censures to the "Culture" carried out by Berlusconi’s government, searching inside passive interaction a key to understand the current political and social situation.

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