Video, Political / Social, Short film, 5:34
The abrogative referendum always creates a moment of doubt I say YES to say NO I say NO to say YES?
The artist reflects on this 'difficulty' trying to display the vote, to say yes and shake your head or vice versa (word=writing gesture=opinion) and she emphasizes it by involving Albanian people who have a gesture opposite to the Italian one. Italians say YES and nod their head, shake their head to say NO, Albanians do the opposite
The artist tries to do the action (say YES shaking her head) trying to do it instinctively and then an Albanian person try to do the opposite (say YES nodding his head)

The video SI=NO is part of the project instant art*SI=NO inspired by the referendum in Italy held on 12/13 June 2011
* Art becomes a sounding board to vibrate in time

The project consists of two parts: the video SI=NO and the performance gli ITALIANI sono già in fila- the ITALIANS have already lined up - held on 9/06/2011 at Teatro Centrale Preneste in Rome

These works aim to invite the Italians to participate in the referendum to form the quorum, and let them know the referendum questions to allow them to reflect and vote consciously

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