Genius Loci

Genius Loci

Digital Photography, Fantasy / Visionary, Mixed technique, 150x110x2cm
The "Genius Loci", the "Genius of the Place" revered by the Greeks and the Romans, is an entity linked to a place inhabited and frequented by humans. Each place had its own tutelary deity, a minor deity who did not belong to Olympus. The continuous presence of the "Genius" nourished the spirit of the place itself and determined its character, contributing also to the cohesion of the human community living there. If the balance of the site was disturbed by foreign elements, the Genius raged.

Places appropriated "Genius Loci" through a process of sedimentation of feelings and emotions, both positive and negative, belonging to the generations of people living in these places. The energy generated by the activities of its inhabitants was compounded by the natural energy of the place to be a single and unique identity.

Living meant to express the essence of space, allowing the "Genius Loci" to manifest in those who lived in that place. The soul of the place was absorbed, respected and expressed in a creative way: life meant matching human condition with the spiritual energy of earth.

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Franco Confessore
6 years ago
Bella davvero!
8 years ago
Pigi Artist
Che bella!! E' magnetica!!
Valeria Bovo
9 years ago
Valeria Bovo Artist
Bella, molto
Maria Cristina  Neviani
9 years ago
Hai reso con maestrìa un'atmosfera sospesa...
verdelli francesco
9 years ago
bella, complimenti.

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