Boîte-en-valise II, red. (2011).

Boîte-en-valise II, red. (2011).

Installation, Portrait, Nude, Portrait, Various materials, 165x165x165cm
According to Duchamp, the mental action of actually choosing adds an aesthetic value to the artwork, while technical skill is only a manual work. According to F. Ruggiero, technical skill can be a very sophisticated process, a deep mental action and the linguistic gap producing a variation in meaning, often funny, inside an idiom, has nothing whatever to do with visual arts.
Painting is not done by words, painting has no sound, and focusing awareness in seeing, in the very sense of sight, painting amplifies its sensitiveness. Painting focuses its own “sound” on mark and colour and both voice the inexpressible, a glimpse of something that can be caught “in-between” or behind experience, something that cannot be told because painting has no words but that can be express by painting because it consists of mark and colour, the very things that words are missing.
Starting with this concept, F.R. uses Duchamp’s objects as signs which give a different meaning, using them as subjects for his frescoes. F.R. gathered the fresco portrait of Duchamp with piercings, the sketches for the anamorphic view of Nu descendant un escalier, Celeste! and other works in the Boîte-en-valise II, red.

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Diva Benini
8 years ago
Diva Benini Artist
i love Duchamp, i love your description, i love this work!
9 years ago
maestro ,voto la sua idea.con una preferenza,ho perso i voti durante questi mesi,penso che un consenso sulla sua opera sia piu' importante di un voto,ricevuto senza amore,
mauro moriconi
9 years ago
Molto bella, complimenti.

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