Video, Symbol / Letter, Short film, 9:56
"The time to read ... expands the time to live" Daniel Pennac
The power of reading seems to reside in the fact that allows us to develop our imagination and our ability to think. In each box a story, a word on each sheet. Tales from the realistic content of minor extension of a novel. Each text, as concluded, must be seen in connection with the other unit. 10 boxes in 10 stories (reminiscent of something but did not say
nothing), each box has a number that corresponds to the pages of the story (and the number of words contained in it) and each page of a word. The time that dilates the imagination running. In each video raccconto is peeled with the actual reading time, looping endlessly.

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ferdinando sorbo
6 years ago
la conoscenza ci rende LIBER.....
Giovanni Longo
6 years ago
I tuoi lavori sono davvero tutti molto significativi..apprezzo molto..

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