Digital Graphics, Symbol / Letter, Computer graphics, 100x200cm

This work is dedicated to Japan and to the destiny the whole human race, after the March 11th earthquake and the consequent nuclear disaster.
The curled up rice sheet reminds of an Origami - the ancient art of folding paper - meant as life fragility.
From intense red of the Rising Sun to deep black of the universal mourning, in the similarity to a bud on a blooming tree, triptych’s core expresses the concept of the passage between birth and death, the Hanami, a traditional Japanese custom that is about enjoying spring blossom, especially flower cherry trees.
Cherry flowers are the most fragile: just a gust or a misty rain is enough to drop them off.
They have a brief life and that’s why they symbolize “hakanasa”: fragility or elusiveness of life.

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Rossella Santoro
9 years ago
Nella sua semplicità......la trovo GENIALE.

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