At the other side of the window, things look different, but are they really the way we perceive them? What we see “outside” is a mixed reflection of “what is” and “who we are”. The window is a frame formed by our cultural background: we can see as wide and high as our “culture” allows us. The “glass” transforms the reflections, plays with light and shadow displaying different forms. The glass represents our mind and our imagination, formed by character and education. Nobody is standing at the other side, to tell what is true and what is wrong. Because the “other side” is an illusion of the “window”. You are only able to see, what your “culture” or “society” allows you to see. If you are looking for the truth, you have to break the window and step outside with an open mind and an open heart: see, investigate and experience yourself, with criticisms and without any prejudices.

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7 years ago
Vivalarte Artist
I love Your rich colors and shapes !
Nathalie Guerra NEUTRAL-ISM
8 years ago
Grazie France!!
8 years ago
france Artist

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