Digital Photography, Architecture, Landscape, Digital, 841x1189cm
These houses are lying there empty, in abandoned and isolated areas, waiting for somebody to move in or for someone to finish them.
Bitter memories left by the spectral and temporary nature of the property boom in Ireland, ghost estates are the symbol of the property market’s collapse, a topology of the economic disintegration of the country.
These empty shells are eyesores for the locals in these small towns. They rile them as premature vestiges evoking hope of prosperity in the boom days but today they are face to face with looming disaster. The crisis is affecting the country– unemployment, debts, budget cuts, flights of capital investments – but it is also shaping the landscape. It is visible everywhere on the territory.
The Irish landscape largely reflects this economic situation but is also the reflection of a more global crisis.

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Alfonso Camplone
8 years ago
...molto bella!
Jane Ostler
8 years ago
Jane Ostler Artist
Beautiful colours.

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