1,2,3 Herring

"1,2,3,Herring" video work presents the artist playing in front of three cardboard figure, dressed in a gray uniform, which looks like a uniform of World War II soldier or a pioneer’s uniform. The scene takes place on a reconstruction war site in Israel, of the 1948 war between Egypt and Israel, where flat iron figures of Egyptian soldiers are planted in the battlefield.
In the video the artist is fighting against himself while playing popular children game 1,2,3 herring. In this game the participants run up whenever the seeker turns his back to them, while he is counting to three, the participants should look like frozen when the seeker finish counting and turn toward them. The game is known also as "green light, red light".
In this video Marcus deals with courage and humor with the meaning of a memorial project. The choice of cardboard figures, usually used for Hollywood stars touches upon the process of becoming a symbolic icon., while the interaction between the cardboard characters and the artist, question the place of myth of the death in our life.

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