Diary of Dreams: May 22, 2010

Video, Fantasy / Visionary, Short film, 3:43
Before filming a dream you first would have to get into it: How is it possible to get into a dream? If someone ever ended up in a dream he probably has no genuine proof of it. Dreams have this particularity that they fade away, that is, if they are not forgotten straight away. But what if someone not only found himself in a dream but also had the opportunity to film it in order to contemplate it again? What if someone had the power to build up, shape and organize his dreams? This piece is the first of a series of short-movies filmed from the inside, from the other side of the camera. To put it another way, this is a piece of a series of dreams filmed from an actual dream.

Note: Filmed in Super8 with anamorphic lens. Hand processed by solarization technique.

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