Kid with its toy

Kid with its toy

Installation, Political / Social, Various materials, 90x265x190cm
Oversized toy horse. Illustration of a hidden message. The horse is a Trojan Horse covered with flyers, propaganda and advertising materials. Through amusement, like kids’ toys, advertising uses methods that make oneself more receptive and open assimilating the intended messages. The representation of a kid and its toy illustrates one’s tendency to be clumsy and fall in the manner of a child, through consumption of objective needs to the consumption of affective needs.

In the fabrication process of the artwork, I wished to reinforce my subject matter by using recycled materials, in opposition with consumption that generates increasingly more waste. The horse and its general structure are made of wood, cardboard and paper elements collected from the street. The horse’s body is covered with paper ads that I have been given in the street or I found in my letterbox, as well as in newspapers and magazines. The different brands, offers and catch phrases are in Spanish, English and French. According to the place where the artwork will be exhibited, “local” ads will be placed on top of the existing ones, the same way ads and marketing techniques constantly evolve.

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Carol Gianotti
7 years ago
love this one

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