The Labour, Love & Lust of Global X

The Labour, Love & Lust of Global X

Work is timed and monitored to the second.  Assembly line production of parts where each part is timed and monitored down to the minute. Your task may be to sew 12,000 sleeve buttons per day (20 per minute).

The garment industry offers women in Bangladesh and in many other parts of the 'third world' employment and economic independence, where the only alternatives may be work as domestic servant or prostitute.

Political systems based on the the principles of social justice have proved problematic and have failed in the face of the now dominant global 'capitalist' system of production and consumption. 

Nevertheless, political actions and philosophies promoting social justice offer the only hope of shaping  human destiny towards a sustainable and truly global civilization.

Margaret Thatcher, architect-in-chief of the global capitalist system, oversaw the destruction of the manufacture of goods in the west and its transfer to the 'third world'. 

This new economic engine became dependent on mass consumption.  Archaic cultural impediments such as thrift, quality and craftsmanship were eroded and replaced by a sterile obsession with fashion, celebrity and immediate gratification.

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