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Abstract sculptures
Abstract sculptures are main performers in Fabrizio Ruggiero's installations and are known by the Latin title that groups them: “De arte fingendi drama”
The Latin verb fingere has many meanings as to touch, to caress, to smooth. Among the meanings of the Latin verb fingere there are even to think, to imagine, to invent, but also to form, to mould, and then to carve, to sculpture.
The sculpture technique suggested by Latin verb fingere is that of molding, but in the abstract sculptures Fabrizio Ruggiero preferred using fresco-roughcast plaster to clay.

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9 years ago
microbonet Institution
Bellissimo lavoro, ci piace moltissimo!! Staff -
Arbeitsgemeinschaft für zeitgemässen Blickfang
9 years ago
better to see it in real life and sail away in three dimensions looking at it.

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