Old Town 1 Luxembourg

Old Town 1 Luxembourg

Digital Photography, Fantasy / Visionary, Mixed technique, 135x80cm
Normally I travel around and do Shootings at different Places, like Rome, Florence, Luxembourg and specially at old castles and at the sea.
Usually I do a time exposure with my camera to fix about 1 to 3 minutes to one picture. In this time i walk there with LED lights and do a light painting. For this, i fix the lights on pieces of wood or other things, in the Rome picture i took a umbrella with i turned the hold time i walked there. After taking the photos, i fix colourful stripes over some parts of the picture, they are often printed on aluminium dibond plates. I also use varnish for some of these artworks. These foil stripes are cutted by a maschine which works with a computer. Normally they do stickers for cars with this foils. Often i choose very colourful stripes, that comes from my past as a graffiti sprayer. In this time in my past, i did the spraying with very powerful colors. With these stripes i try to generate a abstract composition and another level on the photo. I do this type of artwork since about 2 years and enjoy making every new artwork and all the shootings for the pictures.

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5 years ago
Che tecnica!

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