The Rain in Spain stays mainly in the plain

“The Rain in Spain stay mainly in the plain” is the phrase that Professor Higgins uses to train Eliza to pronounce the “A” sound in “My Fair Lady.” This phrase appeared constantly and it eventually became the standard to judge if Eliza had succeeded. This video, I intend to present more directly, the parts in the movie that were deliberately beautified – the pains and struggles faced in the process of cultural/class transformation. I found English class students to film because these students that just arrived in England were starting to face the clash between different cultural and self-identity as Eliza in the movie. I attempted to reproduce the exact training what Eliza had in the movie. After the students read the phrase “The Rain in Spain stays mainly in the plain.” aloud, the tutor would repeatedly correct their pronunciation and articulation problems. In the final work, I removed the tutor’s training process, and only showed the students repeating the line and making corrections

Embarrassment, frustration, numbness, we seem to clearly observe a transformation from being totally untrained to after training, but my question is what did we change in the end?

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