The Foaming Weariness

Installation, Political / Social, Portrait, Architecture, Landscape, Various materials, 300x150x300cm
mix media installation
rice, rice cooker, universtal adopters
(rice cooker was cooking constantly during the show)

“The foaming weariness” is a very simple and personal piece among my practices, moreover it just like my self-portrait.

It is completely refer to my personal state when I moved to London from Taiwan since 2008, the cultural impacts and hardships in daily life are everywhere; I try to adjust myself constantly in order to integrate into this new society/cultural more, but the process of modification is frustrating and even endless……

severl key words were written with this ideaA293;Asian students’ shared memory, the dependence on rice, home, adapt, endless, warm, family, hungry, expectation, sharing, travel, nomad, modify, boundary…

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8 years ago
france Artist
I really like your work

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