Cut and Paste

Installation, Symbol / Letter, Various materials, 240x160x60cm
It is a poetical moment when the invisible force
of nature enteres into our offices. A opend window,
a light breeze and not weighted papers fly. Orderly
stacks get shuffeled and data changes places. If you
do cut and paste on Microsoft Windows you may
contemplate this assigned to a nice virtual metaphor.
Accompanying the digital file transfer process a sheet
of paper flies from one folder to another, from here to
there. My idea is to recreate this virtual metaphor with
real paper. So “cut and paste” becomes a metaphor
for our continuously world wide data traffic. It is a
sculpture that invites to watch the progress bar. The
remaining time is quite in the air. Sometimes data gets
lost. This machine shovels data without thinking about
and becomes an image for monotonous paperwork.

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