Engineering >/= Evolving: Romanticism of a Nomadic Space N°03032011

Engineering >/= Evolving: Romanticism of a Nomadic Space N°03032011

Installation, Abstract informal, Architecture, Interiors, Landscape, Various materials, 150x160x60cm
In the Spring of 2011, I designed and upholstered my first architectural space; a nomadic trunk to house my collection of investigations about the material steel. The idea of the nomadic space developed and evolved from my personal narrative titled, Never/Or Always And/Or; Methodology to a Process: Process to Entering my House, where I guide the reader through a series of descriptive spaces that each represent a space to investigate ideas, “Upon entering this house, there are many room…This dream is a reoccurring actual experience in my daily life…Inside one of the bedrooms there is an entrance into a dream… In a sense, it is a bridge into another playground within a playground.”

Designing this piece was one of exploring my romanticism and passion to build spaces designed for evaluating memories and ongoing investigations – developing knowledge and the self through the vehicle of engineered designs. This has become a structure – a home – to house my curiosity and optimism of discovering knowledge through craftsmanship of my own hands.

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