India Shining 1 (Gandhi and the Laptop)

India Shining 1 (Gandhi and the Laptop)

Using icons from both world and India’s history, Debanjan Roy works to initiate discussion. His works are most notably concerned with the violence of India’s past and present, and the current lifestyle of the Indian people: especially in terms of cultural and technological development and material possessions.

The irony of depicting Gandhi with such blatant symbols of India’s current wealth and rising middle class is obvious: whilst his personal philosophy called for a rejection of material possessions, it is largely thanks to his influence that the nation can now have such a materialistic drive today.

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Carol Gianotti
4 years ago
amazing work!
giorgio scotti
5 years ago
grande artista!!!
Andrea Pregl
6 years ago
Andrea Pregl Artist
love this one!
Fabrizio Ruggiero
6 years ago
Are you saying that Ghandiji values completely lost? At least there are people like you who still care!
Giorgio Pignotti
6 years ago
molto interessante!

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