Natura Contro Corrente

Natura Contro Corrente

High voltage pylons, dangerous to man, accused of causing serious health problems, become more and more often places in which inside, the nature manages to protect itself from man
During my wanderings, I noticed in these huge "metal cages" were enclosed of the small oases of green, trees, wildlife, used by wild animals, those last few remaining, as places to stop off and transit from a plot of land to another.
All around we see plowed land, ready for planting, but within the pylons, often, the man don’t touch the green inside and this is free to grow in a natural way.
That's how I started my work, often looking up at the top and follow the power lines that connect a tower to another, I could find a new "oasis", just waiting to be discovered and immediately after leaving there, free to continue its ephemeral existence.
The work is carried out with great format camera, and each time I come near to a pylon and I prepare to shoot, I can imagine what they feel the plants locked inside there. I prepare the camera with the tripod on the ground, put my head under the cloth and when I begin to touch the machine for work with that, I feel the fry camera in my hands! It is in those moments that I understand.

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Vittorio Comi
6 years ago
Vittorio Comi Artist
Grande sensibilità per la natura, forse ma è un parere del tutto personale manca l'artisicità dello scatto . Ciao Vittorio

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