'Between  intimacy and alienation'

'Between intimacy and alienation'

The initial idea behind this work was to create a sort of performance, not a live one, but a static performance.
it is a combination of sculpture and theatre, a performance as installation. but remains static. The ‘main line’ is the process of the work, the way in which an idea develops.
this work is a collection: a collage of thoughts, taking form in a three dimensional collage of sketches and maquettes. I started this ‘collecting’ when I began developing my body-related works, constantly adding new materials I found along the way in order to bring them into this process.
Many thoughts cross one another (concisely or not….). As result of this search the steps I have taken become like a collection of ‘things on the move’, crossing from the one to the other, from down to up, from left to right, emphasizing the interrelations and putting it all in a context of mutual relations.

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