Domani ed ancora ieri - Tomorrow and yesterday again

When we are old or in love we once again become children” (Yves Montand)
Once upon a time summers were long, now they seem to be gone in a second. A love that blossomed only seven years ago underlines how asynchronous the phases of life and love can be.

The old body and its manifestations are a taboo in our culture. We rarely witness public outpourings of love and affection among elderly people. Society considers them a burden as they are unproductive and dependent. Old age is associated to the corruption of the body and to sickness. They themselves believe their sexual impulsions as something to hide.

In this work there is no interpretation, no acting: the old people are a real eighty year old couple who cuddles and kisses, alternating shyness and tenderness all to the notes of live music composed and played by Alessio Contorni with instruments from the couple’s time.

It was presented at the Body Art Performance Festival (Mut-Azioni Profane) at the “Teatro dell’Orologio” in 2009 and at the Dinnerwave Art Gallery in Tucson, Arizona in the same year.

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