different ways to wear a headscarf I

different ways to wear a headscarf I

different ways to wear a headscarf
for many years now, female headscarves have served as one of the most controversial screens for the projection of ideological conflict.
my project approaches the issue as neutrally as possible. I show and demonstrate how headscarves can be worn in different ways, with me as the protagonist in all the image sequences.
these different ways – sometimes tied in front under the chin, knotted behind the neck, or covering the hair and the face, through to completely disguising or veiling the wearer - creates pictures of style icons from different cultural groups (european, american and moslem) and unleashes a wide range of feelings and associations in the observers, who then concentrate them on assumptions about the personality of the wearer.
at that moment of confrontation, the viewers face their own values and have to question their own moral perceptions of women who wear headscarves, prompting them to ask themselves what their own understanding of tolerance towards what is “different” and “alien” is and where the boundaries are.

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8 years ago
ANA SEKACH Artist, Painter
Complimenti! e migliori auguri di cuore! gia secondo anno Lei é vincitore!!!
8 years ago
Cat Photographer
Une belle oeuvre !

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