i went for a walk

i went for a walk

Painting, Human figure, 190x160cm
I draw a single line, that creates a world of human texture. In one motion, I form my sketch.
The figures move in an empty space and form
an endless motion amongst themselves. I use a technique of action painting. With this
technique I don’t plan the idea beforehand. I draw free from logic. When viewers look at my artwork,
they can understand my thoughts and read my story between the lines. This story is built upon harmony, balance,
dependency, longing.

I see the lines around me and they become my thoughts, or maybe my thoughts become my lines.
I focus on a continuous line that I choreograph the dance of life for. The longer you look , the more you understand it. the work
talk about the relationships between people. If you follow a line closely you will discover an entire world of figures that connect and communicate
with each other. Sometimes I think about what would happen if one figure was taken out of the sketch, will it have an effect on the entire sketch,
like a domino effect?

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Birgit Oestergaard
9 years ago
Is amazing.

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