la perversione del dittatore

"The perversion of the Dictator"
interactive video installation.
David Coluzzi DAZ examines the line between reality and imagination, in 'exasperation of the day, individualism and media power. The dream also as a desire, is the force that each of us and that through the action unfolds. The viewer has the ability to manage the mood of the mass through a simple gesture of decision, thus highlighting the dangerous ease with which really affect our daily actions, even coming to affect the emotional sphere.
created by DAZ David Coluzzi
video editing: Davide Di Camillo
editing interaction: MaurizioProchilo
interaction with video projection on rubber balloons filled with air.

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Marina Cuccus
8 years ago
Marina Cuccus Artist
molto interessante. Bel lavoro!
Alita Baldi Barletta
8 years ago
Sempre di attualità, quando oggi Putine paga i giovani per venire a Mosca per sorridere e fare la festa sulla piazza ! Bravo molto affascinante
Waldemar Dabrowski
8 years ago
Very interesting...!
davide coluzzi DAZ
9 years ago
davide coluzzi DAZ Architect, Artist, Installation artist
the work is made of nine people with dreams, dreams are narrated by each identity, light, delicate, spontaneous, true. represents the work of those dreams where every overlapping identities expresses the deep. This is chaos. this is a natural order. Then the audience that represents the power with a gesture can change the mood of dreamy identity. the dictator has to decide the happiness or sadness of all. regardless of the dreams
Jane  Lee
9 years ago
Jane Lee Artist
Renata Lui Turanova
9 years ago
very nice!

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