La carezza del vetro

La carezza del vetro

The audience views at 360 ° the whole performance, which takes place inside a transparent glass cube positioned at the center of the room.
Inside it there is a naked body hidden in the dark.
The body is revealed slowly by the light of the video projections that project the virtual body of the performer himself, on his skin.
The small virtual body is revealed and begins to take shape inside the oral cavity, goes out and develop on the face, hide inside the ear , going in the folds of the skin dancing with the breading body.
In subsequent chapters the two bodies, virtual and concrete tend to harmony.
The concrete body that we see constantly, walking around is ‘withered, empty, is the human essence of our time, it reflects the sickness of the soul and the light, its care.
We viewers of the wonderful intervention of the soul, of his return, the life drop that saturates the white bones, the invisible bond takes shape between body and air, in a crucial play of light, precise, light architecture arises from delicate reflections in the glass, takes shape slowly and leans on the head of the sleeping body, crossing it, caressing the inside lights and grows, making it live.. live again.

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Three minutes ago
8 years ago
organizziamo si!!! e grazie mille :)
Daniele Meli Salvadori
9 years ago
Confermo ciò che ha scritto Biagio...organizzerete???
biagio castilletti
9 years ago
bravo, sarebbe interessante vedere la performance dal vivo.

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