Crying | Concerto per 12 elementi

Crying | Concerto per 12 elementi

Installation, Landscape, 400x300x400cm
The installation takes place inside a room. At its entrance the viewer will find himself in front of a film about the mix of the pure water with oil (petroleum). At the center of the room a chair where he is asked if he wants to sit, watching, listening. On either side of the viewer, there are 12 glass jars. They hold the water that drips from directly within 12 ice sheets placed over each tank. The viewer is invited to attend the cries of pain of the water that turns into sound. Somehow he is in the tears, the malaise that turns into a tear.
Speak for the tears of the water crashing with all their pain in 12 glass containers going to generate, in a totally random, a tune for us listeners. The ticking of the water droplets that come from the ice and glide to fall down in glass containers are for us just a nice melody and harmony. The water in the form of ice, with whom we, as spectators, watch the movie, begs us to observe and reflect on the catastrophe to which we are helping people every day. Crying is a desperate cry. Every drop of water that falls is aimed at the breast of him who looks disinterested screen. It is fierce and gentle at the same time.

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