Total equality

Total equality

Installation, Political / Social, Textile, 90x120x30cm
Lithuanian contemporary artists mrs. Brone Neverdauskiene and mrs. Monika Zaltauskaite – Grasiene analyse the field of made-believe “total equality” stereotypes. The mentioned context provides everyday cases when the rhetoric for tolerance for the otherness and differences is contrasted by prejudice, stereotypes, false, fears. The installation “Total Equality” focuses on our way of socially “dressing up” in predestined uniforms of social habits, behavior and ethical dogmas. Colourful, poster-like and naive propaganda on the equality of gender, race, age, religion, sexual orientation or social status presented in the mass media looks ironic, because it does not fit reality. People driven by human nature – to be, to survive, to dominate – try to avoid the equality at any price by weaving plots, taking advantage of their contacts and protection, mistakes of their colleagues, even using art. Project declares, that despite our race or national differences, we are marked by destiny’s “label” to become a pervert, criminal, looser or yuppie…

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Joseph Filak
6 years ago
Joseph Filak Artist
A great idea the idle class will ignore. Nepotism in the arts is ever increasing. Watch how vote turns out in relationship to the stereotypes you have mentioned. Cheers.
giuliano babini
6 years ago

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