Ariadne & Dionysus_1

Ariadne & Dionysus_1

Digital Graphics, Minimal, Symbol / Letter, Illustration, Computer graphics, 37x32x1cm
After building the 3D model “A ball of string tightly shut with bolts between two brass plates”:
Fabrizio Ruggiero applied textures to the model, posed and photographed it from various angles. Then he made two prints on rice paper out of different views

By building a 3D model of a ball of string shut with bolts between two brass plates and naming it Ariadne and Dionysus, Fabrizio Ruggiero deprives the artwork of the weight of material reality proposing virtual reality as a useful instrument for the understanding and renaming of is real.
By materializing the 3D model in a print on rice paper he further challenges the question on art-object driving back attention to the statement: - The description is not the described; the word is not the thing-.

Ariadne & Dionysus_1 is part of the content of the installation Boîte-en-valise II, proposed for Celeste Prize 2011:

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Maurizio Milanesio
9 years ago
Giancarlo Caporali
9 years ago
Molto bella!!

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