LOVE, Replica

LOVE, Replica

LOVE as 100% pure energy. Unconditional LOVE. The one I’m aiming for in this very painting. The one that has result it as a crave for LOVE in this violent, dripping blood-red-love or tears as a candle wax cries out as it melts down...Is it just our LOVE spilling around and we’re losing it huge quantities? It seems the key is in our hearts, the key is LOVE. When we are not afraid and letting go – than is The Moment when true, real and unconditional LOVE is stepping on scene, and into our lives, making The World more beautiful and happier place to live. This painting is an expression of a soul call for turning direction, for a better understanding, for a state of an open wound, running soar...after a certain shock. LOVE can damage but also gives creation...Hopefully, through the pain and despair to achieve the stars...

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