Eternity or Light of Eternity...What is Eternity? Where is Eternity? When is Eternity?
ETERNITY is WHITE = LIGHT = TRANSPARENCE. When you carefully examine the Dune in the Sky, you DO see all the colours...So it is the case with this one, in form of artwork. The main idea is to ask the observer, actually to provoke and to challenge raising the thought – what is ETERNITY? Are our souls Eternal? Is it the essential Energy that is Eternal and the material is just – material. The memory of material is short, but the memory of our souls is Eternal. We don’t have to know things – our souls know them better.
ETERNITY is a call to every soul, to drawn deeper in ourselves and to search, to research, to find, to conclude, to decide, to evoke, to create, to innovate, to propose, to develop, to establish one-self precisely in this World, finding the purpose of life and the unique mission...and finally – to love more openly as a contribution to this World, to the Spirutual and Human Unuversal Conscience, making this World better – today and always.

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9 years ago
Veramente...Grazie mille caro Giancarlo :~)))
Giancarlo Caporali
9 years ago

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