io in rapporto con casa mia new generation1

io in rapporto con casa mia new generation1

Technique: comuter static graphic, Support: Photographic Print aluminum spacers.

The circle is the epicenter, after which the shadow remains in a static situation.
Make the clown in the circus but I'm warning you left out from my circle |
I live for anything else but life is bullshit, youth embers and I remain in my circle where people shit me, mind you, everyone has their own circle, who lives down there in hell, there are those who smoke too often , there are those who wrote the book on my circle because the circle is the universe and its outside is just a crazy | crazy about what I do without a profit, full of paranoia in which thrust is my circle of people with whom the fuck world, come together and form a circle without realizing it. The circle, the important thing is this, we focus high voltage elements are magical potion every day dissolved in this solution.

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