“Ariadne & Dionysus_2.”

“Ariadne & Dionysus_2.”

“Ariadne & Dionysus_2.” Is the second version, with a dufferent POV of the 3D model “A ball of string tightly shut with bolts between two brass plates”:
Fabrizio Ruggiero applied textures to the model, posed and photographed it from various angles. Then he made two prints on rice paper out of different views

By building a 3D model of a ball of string shut with bolts between two brass plates and naming it “Ariadne and Dionysus_1 and 2”, Fabrizio Ruggiero deprives the artwork of the weight of material reality proposing virtual reality as a useful instrument for the understanding and renaming of is real.
By materializing the 3D model in a print on rice paper he further challenges the question on art-object driving back attention to the statement: - The description is not the described; the word is not the thing-.

Ariadne & Dionysus_1, monotype on rice paper cm.32 x 37:

is part of the content of the installation “Boîte-en-valise II”, proposed for Celeste Prize 2011:
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9 years ago
microbonet Institution
Bellissimo lavoro, ci piace!! Quasi un omaggio a Duchamp! Staff - microbo.net

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