A bruit secret & Pandora’s Box

A bruit secret & Pandora’s Box

A bruit secret & Pandora’s Box
The secret sound of painting.

In 1916 he assembles A Bruit
secret, a semi-Readymade with a ball of string
shut with bolts between two brass plates and
Walter Arensberg, Duchamp’s patron, hid a
small object inside it.
Shaking A Bruit secret one can
hear a sound but nobody knows what generates
it so it can be considered a good metaphor for
the contemporary understanding of the word “
In “ Bruit secret & Pandora’s Box” placing the image of the semi-Readymade inside a vase, I make a koan, a Zen paradox, proposing to see "the secret sound of painting inside the Pandora’s box of contemporary art".
The image is part of the installation Boîte-en-valise II for Celeste prize


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Anna Gatto
9 years ago
Anna Gatto Artist
Bellissima l'opera, grandioso il concetto che esprime!
Giancarlo Caporali
9 years ago
Grande pensiero!!.... grande lavoro!!

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