Possible, 1996 Affresco Cm 40 x 60

Possible is part of the installation Boîte-en-valise II, red. (2011), a container where I have collected two frescoes, several sketches and texts of the work that I have carried out in the course of last the twenty years on Duchamp. A “collection in suitcase” that, beyond to being a kind of archives, it sends back to the form and the character of the diary, of the notation of fantastic and poetical nature”. A “collection in suitcase” that reflects on how the work of an artist can become “subject” for that of another artist, with completely various results and meanings.
For a complete vision of the contained works in Boîte-en-valise II, red. (2011):


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Giancarlo Caporali
9 years ago

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