Nu descendant un escalier, Celeste!

Nu descendant un escalier, Celeste!

“Nu descendant un escalier, Celeste!”.

Fresco preparation on bent wooden panel.

On the round wall of a stair in a villa in Ravenna,” Nude that comes down the stairs “in its own color …. Celeste!
No work of art has a definitive and exhausting explanation and Duchamp never gave enlightening explanations about his work. Among the many keys of reading the work, the clearest and mostly convincing one is that which is offered to us by Arturo Schwarz, - in “Nu descendant un escalier” are represented the construction of the unit of the Primordial Being, the immortal Hermetic Androgynous.
In to opened-eyes dream expressed by an art work it is possible to make a further step expressing the paradisiacal dimension of the Androgynous in the color that it is own: CELESTE!

Materializing this dream on the round wall of a circular scale was an event full of vibrating energy.
The sketches for “Nu descendant un escalier, Celeste!” are part of the content of Boîte-en-valise II, red. (2011) for Celeste prize.

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Arbeitsgemeinschaft für zeitgemässen Blickfang
9 years ago
right, bello!
Maria Cristina  Neviani
9 years ago
Deve rappresentare una grande emozione essere sulle scale e soffermarsi ad ammirare...
Arrighi Margherita
9 years ago

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