Per carità...basta guerre

Per carità...basta guerre

Painting, Death, Political / Social, Oil, 80x80x7cm
For goodness sake ... stop wars

Materials and techniques used for the realization of the work

In the centre you can find a Forrest brown stone, where is represented a palm of a hand, it is realized in oil on canvas with spatula technique.

Description of the work

When diplomacy finishes and men can not or will not use peaceful ways, then they use arms in order to resolve disputes. To day it seems that this happens with a increased escalation: in each part of world we see flowing blood of innocents for futile reasons, for petroleum, for money, for political, religious and racial reasons.

Extend the hand to invoke help and to have the support of others is the most humble gesture that exists!
If we could extend the hand more times without reserve of any kind, maybe the world and human kind could have only benefits.

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Ana de Medeiros
6 years ago
catherine burg
6 years ago
Superbe !
Souad Nasr Makhoul
6 years ago
Interesting work ! beautiful harmony of colors!
teresa azzam
6 years ago
teresa azzam Artist

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