Holographic Touch

There is a neurophysiology of posture, well-known yogis, shamans and mystics, which enables those who practice, combined with a rhythmic stimulus, you can access states of consciousness "other", during which there are specific inner experiences. A complex system of attunement and communication with the worlds beyond our senses.

The video action "holographic touch" is an environmental action, internal dialogue and gesture with the consciousness of space - in this case with the consciousness of the Piave River - visible in the act, such as track, sculpture, sign, and inwardly listening to themselves.

The video becomes a witness of the action, which takes in post production features work not only documents.

Action video made R03;R03;during the creative workshop, a residential Artepiave2011 Fagarè (TV) in June 2011.

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Salvatore  Calì
8 years ago
Grazie a TUTTI per la preferenza e gli amorevoli commenti!
8 years ago
Davide Artist
Complimenti!!un ascolto interiore che dovremmo fare più spesso! ....
Penelope Oakley
8 years ago
Bravo Salvatore, e bellissima, grazie :-)

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