Azione sentimentale, per un Prugno fiorito d'inverno

Video, Plants , Human figure, Landscape, Short film, 2:57
What is happening to our planet with its changes more evident?
The ancient cultures, as indigenous people have always told us of a living planet and intelligent with his soul and his conscience with which we can establish a dialogue.
More recently, scientific studies have shown that thoughts, feelings and emotions are energies capable of acting on matter and on the "noosphere" of the planet significantly.
What can the artist, the man, before the mystery of Nature, rediscover what once was his capacity for dialogue and active collaboration with nature?
The wonder of a plum flower prematurely when a dialogue becomes the sentimental and loving act in a sensible and sensitively with the consciousness of Earth.

Thanks for Johannes Dimpflmeier, for the sound of his wind harp...
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