I am an electronic artist, teacher and sociologist. I research, write, teach, design and advice about urban environements, cultural economies, DIY 2.0, desktop manufacturing, network economies and bottom-up innovation.

In 2001 I was a founding member of the Milan-based experimental collective otolab with whom I investigate visual dramaturgic representation of sound. I teach theories, methodologies and tecniques of the audiovisual performance at NABA in Milan and in several other seminars, workshops and courses around Italy.

I hold a PhD in Urban European Studies at the University of Miano-Bicocca (UNIMIB); my research in urban sociology investigates the relationships among city, creative economy and social innovation processes, with a focus on artists co-optation in post-fordist economies. As a sociologist I teach since 2003 in several graduate and post-graduate courses about methodology, sociology of culture, urban sociology and new technologies for social sciences.

In 2009-2010 I was a post-doc researcher at the University of Milan (UNIMI) working on the EU projects EDUFASHION and Openwear, dealing with P2P economies, crowdsourcing and fashion. This is still one of my main research interests and it’s one of the reasons why I’m a member of the Foundation for Peer-to-peer Alternatives.

Now I am a free-lance researcher, teacher and consultant. I continue to collaborate with universities and research centers, and at the same time I’m helping culture-related non-profits organizations to plan their digital innovation and communication processes. It’s in this framework that I’m collaborating with the Center for Digital Ethnography, doppiozero and Digicult.

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If you want to get in touch, just send an email: bertrammarianiessen (here type a “@”) gmail (dot) com