Dmytro Sobokar is a member of National Society of Photo Artists
of Ukraine (NSPAU) , member of WPO (United Kingdom)

The winner of many international and national contests.

There are 17 exhibitions on his account, including 5 personal.

His way in arts started with four years of art school.

At age 14, graduated with honors art school and became interested in photography as an alternative to the creation of the paintings.

Photographed a lot of landscapes, doing night shooting.

Since then, interest switched to report, worked for about a year for newspapers.

Then attention was drawn to the genre of shooting as a wedding: it is interesting to see people who love and to carry their love on the screen.

Same time he was engaged his most favorite types of shooting: male portrait and fabulously fantastic stories.

Specialization: individual portraits, advertising on leading companies, as well as on the preparation of a portfolio, wedding photography.

Technically ready to take a picture in any environment.

Recent work awarded international recognition - 2 Gold Medals Trierenberg Super Circuit, Austria, 2014, bronze medal, Photo Art Championship, Austria, 2013

The Best Photographer in Ukraine of 2013. The first place in the wedding category.