INAUGURATION Saturday 6 June
7.30 pm – introductions, presentation of the catalogue 
8.30 pm – poetry readings on theme of ‘dependtendency’ by Emilio Fantin, Dennis Formento, John Gian, Rita degli Espositi
9 pm – buffet, live music by Swimming Cities
It is not necessary to have an invite to attend.

Works by Erdogan Bulut, Massimo Cristaldi, Claudia Gambadoro, Giuseppe Gonella, Seung Hee Kang, Yea Jin Song, Hektor Mamet, Peter Monkman, Sara Rossi and Ira Schneider.
Opening times: everyday 10.30am to 8pm (except Saturday, until late)

Isola della Certosa
ACTV n.41 public boat transport . You have to make an onsite request for the Certosa stop.
-From Piazzale Roma-Parisi, 18, 38 and 58 minutes past each hour (last boat 8.18pm)
-From Arsenale, 4, 24, 44 minutes past each hour (last boat 8.04pm)
-From Giardini, 7, 27, 47 minutes past each hour (last boat 8.07pm)
-From S.Elena, 10, 30 , 50 minutes past each hour (last boat 8.10pm)

TO LEAVE Isola della Certosa
ACTV n.42 public boat transport. You have to make an onsite request to stop the boat at Certosa.
-Direction Giardini, Arsenale, Piazzale Roma at 18, 38 and 58 minutes past each hour (last boat at 8.58pm).

Celeste has organised a special boat service for visitors to return to S.Elena, Venice, from Isola della Certosa. Boats will leave Certosa at  8.30pm, 9pm, 9.30pm, 10pm, 10.30pm, 11pm, 11.30pm, 12pm, 0.30am.

OTHER EVENTS on Isola della Certosa
- Ideal City, Fondazione Berengo,  curated by Boris Brollo – Sculptures by Koen Vanmecheln, Serge Van de Put, Claire Becker, Shan Shan Sheng, Juan Ripolles, Vinicio Momoli, Pino Castagna, Riccardo Licata.

- Animated Scene by John Gerrard, Eire – Three, large, virtual sculptures projected on the wall. Homage by the artist to the petroleum era and its profound political and social consequences. 

- Homage to Joseph Beuys – curated by Lucrezia di Domizio Durini – 5 rooms of the Venice Hotel Certosa will contain works by Mario Bottinelli Montandon; Dogmar Dost - Nolden; Youngju Oh; Gerardo Dicrola; Nikos Zouboulis and Titsa Grekou. 

- Swimming Cities of Serenissima, USA – a fleet of ships with recovered objects.  The crews are made up of artists who during May and June will sail across the Adriatic Sea from Slovenia to Venice. Performance and live music in the docks of Isola della Certosa

- Fleur de Sel, UK – installation by Steve Messam and Hannah Stewart. Invitation for the work was made by Spazio Thetis.