Selection of the 46 finalists’ works for exhibition in Berlin and the 75 shortlisted works to be included in 'Celeste Prize 2009' catalogue will be carried out by the following panel of art critics:
For Painting, Photography & Digital Grapics, Installation, Sculpture & Performance, Video & Animation Prizes the 40 finalists and the 60 shortlisted artists will be selected by:
- Mark Gisbourne (art historian and former teacher at the Courtauld Institute of Art, London (UK), and the Slade School of Fine Arts, London; now living and working in Berlin, Germany, as an independent curator and critic).
- Adrienne Goehler (art curator in Berlin, former Senator and Secretary of Culture for the City of Berlin, and former Director of the Academy of Arts in Hamburg, Germany).
- Victoria Lu, art critic, curator and professor, among her responsibilities is Creative Director of the Museum of Contemporary Art, Shanghai, China.

For Live Media Prize: the 6 finalists and the 15 shortlisted artists will be selected by:
- Claudio Sinatti (artist and multimedia teacher, Milan, Italy)
 with the help of a panel of consultants which includes:
-  Justine Beaujouan, co-curator & organiser of Mapping Festival, Geneva, Switzerland.
-  Boris Edelstein artists and developers of Modul8 software, Geneva, Switzerland.
-  Ilan Katin artists and developers of Modul8 software, Berlin, Germany. 
-  Lillevan, artist, Berlin, Germany.
-  Bart van der Ploeg & Edwin de Koning, creators of Resolume software, The Hague, The Netherlands.
-  Marius Watz, artist and curator, New York, USA.