46 artists to vote 40,000 € awards in Sept

The names of the 46 finalists who will exhibit their works in Berlin 25-28 September and vote the 40,000 € prize money have been chosen by Celeste jurors Adrienne Goehler, Victoria Lu, Mark Gisbourne and Claudio Sinatti.

View works by finalist artists:  http://www.celesteprize.com/works/pg:en09/tipo:f/ 

View works by shortlisted artists: http://www.celesteprize.com/works/pg:en09/tipo:s/ 

View Exhibition details : http://www.celesteprize.com/eng_1116/ 

Painting Prize finalists:
Lelya Borisenko – The moved values
Angela Geary - Turbiner 21
James King - enter the psychiatrist
Juraj Kollar - Landscape
Ivana Lomová - In Casa
Nasser Lubay - Rebirth
Michael Luther - Gallery (Desk)
Abbas Mehran - Palestinian Graffiti Takes a Flight
Tommaso Neri - Wake up
Shubha Taparia - village women/bvlgari

Photography & Digital Graphics Prize finalists:

Alec Von Bargen - One Hundred Degrees 1
Olivier Fermariello - Monsieur et Madame Vieille à la plage
Kurt Hoerbst - Bideshi Photostudio / Ferdosi 8 years
Antti Jokinen - Interior
Michail Jarovoj - War and Peace
Lee A. Hill - 8 Years of Popping Off in Texas" - Where Good Times Go to Die...
Hye Rim Lee - Crystal City
Robert Mercer - JumpinJackFlash
Christof Pluemacher - Architectural Misfits (Alpenstadt)
Yuan Yuan - Your Name

Installation, Sculpture & Performance Prize finalists:

Aesop Studios, Quintetto
Jan Fabián - Good Times are Over
Ehsan Fardjadniya - For the Love of Losers
Jee Eun Lee - New Babel Tower
Youngju Oh - MetamorPHOSis
Jens Reinert - Tunnel
John Runner - Exponential Pattern
Pfadfinderei - 2te Halbzeit
Clement Price-Thomas - The Guide
Namjoo Woo - La recette de l'amour fou (Krankung)

Video & Animation Prize finalists:

Matthew J Anthony - The Thinking Man
Patrick Bergeron - LoopLoop
Guillaume Blanchet - Laïka
Milena Drefke - Extrawelt - Im Garten von Eben
Miguel Jara - Abelianas
Surabhi Saraf - Peel
David Theobald - Greensleeves
Aliaksei Tserakhau - Lyapis Trubetskoy «Capital»
WeMake - Anecdotari. historias singular
Yung-Jui Lee - Fat-tastico

Live Media Prize finalists:

Abstract Birds - Celeste Motus
Gianluca Beccari - Mutazioni
Dome - Solitude
Messmatik - Pixel Wind
Otolab dies Orgone - L C M [les champs magnétiques]
Pfadfinderei - Live Show

The following 75 works have been chosen as 'shortlisted' and will illustrate the '2009 Celeste Prize' catalogue:

Painting Prize shortlisted

Stefano Bolcato, Open Space
Roberta Coni, Cristiana
Pip Dickens, Miss Havisham 1
Diana Di Pietrantonio, Dublin
Francesco Liggieri, Were we go now? Were we go now!?
Federico Mazza, Transit 14
Jake Messing, Doppelganger
Susanna Micozzi, Pesci Rossi
Ilaria Morganti,  Crash
Giuliano Pastori, Power
Gang Shi, White point
Will Teather, Ana Silvera at Elm Hill
Paolo Zanettin, solo. giorni/pezze
Maurizio Yorck, Rain on the Cristoforo Colombo Street
Laura Zuccheri, La mano

Photography & Digital Graphics Prize shortlisted

Andrea Altkuckatz, Auf die Alpen
Analía Amaya, Aural Objects
Frantisek Blazo, Good night Pablo
Florian Bong-Kil Grosse, disruptive factor_#3
Craig Houser, In Transit: Worker
Sia Kermani, O.T.
Michael Kerstgens, allAmerican
Manuel Marano, assago 2009
Stefano Merola, Lounge Music
Patrycja Poltorak, Children 1
Marie Pejouan, Jaipur’s market
Maria Ponce, Pipeline Series
Mario Rossi, A day at the museum
Matthias Schade, Pursuit of happiness
Jake Eldridge, Depth Perception

Installation, Sculpture & Performance Prize shortlisted

Benedetto Bufalino et Benoît Deseille, Evasion Urbaine
Jake Adams,  Friends
Shane Bradford,  Belgian Gate
Manos Grafanakis, Anonymous
Kiwon Hong, Untitled 6.2009
Jordana Maisie, Potential Energy
Wendy Mayer, Paper Chain Dolls
Shintaro Ohata, Sayonara Sankaku
Mauro Pace, Proiezioni Reali
Fabiano Parisi, (R)esisto
Portage rp, Phone Center
SospeseRiflessioni, Narciso Ossessivo
Yuko Saito, Black box
Marcelino Stuhmer, Get Ready to Shoot Yourself
Lisa Wade, Drawing Borders

Video & Animation Prize shortlisted

Alienatio, Boxes
Afterpixel, The perfect human
Departement, Ghislain Poirier – Hit & Red (official)
Francesco Biccheri, Paesaggio Composto #3
giuliensemble, Dead Instant Photo
Martin Kohout, Moonwalk
Tony Linkson, Striptease (2008)
Tim Lovett, Lunatik
Seung Won Park, siaraM
Marc Serra Roca, FAN, a piece about a hypothetical artistic critical reflexion in the teenage
Simone Rovellini, Preface
Demi Tai, The never-ending handover
Tarassow Oleg Nicolaevich, Tapacob O.H.
Otolab, Vagina Cosmica
Christian Weber, Egoshooter

Live Media Prize shortlisted

Digital Borax, THX 1138 REMIX
Giuseppe La spada, a flower
Javier Milara, Jørn Utzon Borealis
Kinotek, Sounds of Complexity
MFO, Urania 58
Mylicon/En, DARK STAR
Nocci Projekt,  Edgar's dream
Otolab, giardini neri
Pascal Greco, Super 8
Pixelorchestra, photon
Quayola, Path to Abstraction
Strukt, Media Universe and Multitouch Visuals
Things Happen, Luminous Projections
xx+xy visuals, LUMA
Zanne, live peformance Bochum

Every artist participating in the prize can purchase a personal copy of
the catalogue for 20 € (list price 25 €) either directly in Berlin from
25-28 September or by ordering it online info@celesteprize.com

More catalogue information http://www.celesteprize.com/eng_440/