it highlights activities related to members and artworks

Celeste is growing to meet the needs of its international worldwide art network. As the number of registered members (30,000+) and art works (30,000+) grows, so too do the needs for selection.

‘Features’ is a new visual tool in the homepages of:

‘Features’ enables visitors to see which members are particularly active or receiving most attention onsite, as well as which artworks are in the limelight.

Celeste has created an algorithym which every 24 hours shows, in a random manner, a select group of members and artworks according to a set of parameters which include visits, comments and favourites. Priority visualisation is being given to artists who have participated in the 2009 prize or to non-artist members with ‘full’ options status in Celeste.

The new terms & conditions for the 2nd edition of Celeste Prize 2010 will be published at the end of January 2010. At the same time we will launch a new 'Exhibitions' and 'Projects' area online for members to work in, as well as a series of new interactive functions in CStudios to improve comunications and sharing between members.