new rules for prize selectors committee; theme exhibitions in Berlin and New York; start and join projects in our community..

• Finalist works are selected by a totally ‘open’ process. Each of the 20 international selectors publishes online his or her choices for all to see!

• 50 finalist artists vote 40,000 € awards in New York in December – each artist has a share in the awards!

• Exhibitions - Prize particiapnts can present works in Celeste’s 2010 chosen theme exhibitions in Berlin & New York.

• Projects - is a unique online space where you can initiate, develop and join contemporary arts-related projects which take place in the real world.

• Network - more network functions to reach 30,000+ members.

• Member - new membership status gives value and priorities to those members who participate in the community.

• Coms - two new comunication tools: Transmitter and CMailings