14 artists active in Celeste in the 'Videozone'

Celeste has been invited to exhibit members’ videos (prizes and exhibitions) at the upcoming MUV Festival for music & digital arts, 1-6 June 2010. The 14 videos will be projected at 10pm on 3 June in the ‘VideoZone’

Videos by:
Patrick Bergeron, LoopLoop
Guillaume Blanchet, Laika
Francesca Coppola, The Smoker
Isobel Blank, Selfportrait
Claudia Gambadoro, Box
Nicola Genovese, The Losing Game
Silvio Giordano, Packaging’s Life
Seunghee Kang, Peeping into our society with the code of desire
Peter Monkman, Rings
Otolab, Vagina Cosmica
Surabhi Saraf, Peel
Yea Jin Song, Second Skin
Alexey Terehoff, Capital
David Theobald, Greensleeves

When & Where:
3 June at 10pm, Biblioteca delle Oblate, Via Sant’Egidio, Florence, Italy, free entrance.

Muv Festival