Over a thousand artists involved, thanks to 'Artist Support'

Thanks to Roland Systems Group all artists who submitted work to Celeste Prize 2009 receive a free upgrade to 'Plus' membership. With this support, Roland wishes to help the work of artists and foster their creative endeavours in Celeste.

Artists involved in the support programme, will be able to use free, all interactive functions in the network for 12 months, and enter Celeste Prize 2010 with a 60 € fee, instead of 90 € (upgrade to 'Prize' membership from your user account and submit works by 30 September). Artists who are already 'Plus' or 'Prize' members will receive an additional 12 months membership which will be added to their current expiry date.

Celeste would like to thank, on behalf of all artists who benefit from this support, Roland Systems Group for its generosity and committment to artists' work worldwide.

If you would like to support an artist in Celeste,
do it now with Artist Support